Posted on: September 30, 2016
Tags: Express delivery services blog

New Regulations for Ohio Flatbed Carriers

The following new regulations are applicable to all class-8 trucks, including Ohio Flatbed Carriers.  Regional Heavy Haul Permits Beginning January 27th Regional Heavy Haul permits can be issued: 1. Permits will be issued for divisible loads dimension and weight. 2. Maximum total travel distance from origin cannot exceed 150 miles. 3. Each permit may have up to 4 additional destinations within the maximum total travel distance (additional fees for each destination will be applied). 4. Vehicles/Loads with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 120,000 lbs. or less; Height 14 ft. 6 in. or less; width 14 ft. less may obtain either Single Trip or Continuing 90 Day Permits. 5. Vehicles/Loads with a GVW greater than 120,000 lbs.; height greater than 14 ft. 6 in,; width greater than 14 ft. are limited to Single Trip Permits. 6. 90 Day Regional Heavy Haul Permits for Steel or Aluminum Coils may be obtained, provided the vehicle/load has a GVW of less than 120,000 lbs. If greater than 120,000 lbs., a Single Trip Regional Heavy Haul Permit is available. 7. To apply for a Regional Heavy Haul Permit, on the permit application page, select from the following existing permit types: a. Single Trip i. Oversize Only ii. Oversize/Overweight iii. 1,2,or 3 Steel Coils* b. Continuing i. Oversize Only ii. Oversize/Overweight iii. 3 or Fewer Steel Coils* c. After selecting from the above permit types, complete the application as usual, except enter into the Comment Field- “Regional Heavy Haul Permit”. d. Up to 4 additional destinations can be added to the permit. To add additional destinations, enter the location and the routes to be used in the Comment field. e. The approved permit will have the following statement under Comments: THIS MAY BE A DIVISIBLE LOAD IF ONE WAY MILEAGE DOESN’T EXCEED 150 MILES AS SHOWN IN THE ROUTING SECTION IN ACCORDANCE WITH 4513.34 OF THE OHIO REVISED CODE. IF MILEAGE EXCEEEDS 150 MILES THEN THIS MUST BE A NON-DIVISIBLE LOAD IN ACCORDANCE WITH OHIO ADMININSTRATIVE CODE 5501:2-1-01. This is an indication that the permit is acceptable as a Regional Heavy Haul Permit. * This permit type is to be used when applying for the applicable permit to transport Aluminum Coils.